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JetFuel your life

Stay hydrated. Drink your vitamins.

56 active minerals, vitamins, botanicals and herbs backed by nutritionists. No Fillers. Just add hot or cold water!


Our JetFuel mission

JetFuel is about fuelling your wellness so you can look, feel, act and live your personal best, all the time.


Support your immunity, circulation and gut health

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Maintain your energy and keep your mind sharp and focused

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Help you relax, wind down and switch off.

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JetFuel drinkable vitamins and botanical infusion teas

Our 3 vitamins and botanical infusions are scientifically proven formulations to help support your health, performance, and rest, to optimise your life.

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“Science determined our formulations, containing only active ingredients with distinct health benefits and nutrients, in their most absorbable form. We achieved our aim to formulate the finest supplements to solve the needs of your health, performance and rest functions.”

SHONA WILKINSON - Nutritionist and Supplement Formulator

Premium ingredients with trusted health benefits

Contains Pycnogenol®, a safe and evidence-based premium ingredient with a unique blend of natural antioxidants.

The perfect formulations of ingredients for safe daily use.

Balance the 6 most important health functions: Immune, Digestion, Circulation, Energy, Cognitive Function and Rest.

Efficacious and highly absorbable ingredients, distributed into the bloodstream faster than cheaper ingredients.

Total of 56 active ingredients; 2 Patented ingredients; every ingredient earned the right to be included.

Non-GMO and 100% free from bulking agents, fillers, sugar, artificial colours and preservatives.

75% of us are dehydrated. A 3-4% drop in hydration can lead to a 25%-50% drop in productivity. Water alone isn’t enough to hydrate your cells.

Our JetFuel fans

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"Such a beautifully presented box and I love the fact that there are so many different vitamins, minerals, good bacteria and superfoods in the supplements."

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"I’m a very sceptical person but JetFuel has a very positive impact on my life."

Hedge Fund Manager
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"As an athlete and active traveller, I’ve finally found an easy and health benefiting way to compliment my busy lifestyle in just three easy steps."

Etihad Airlines
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"JetFuel is my lifeline during my intense schedule, it's my perfect companion."

Yoox Net-A-Porter Group
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"Did they work? Hell yes. I couldn't survive my working week without them. They are my entire support system when I'm on the go to ensure my performance is business critical."

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