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Rest tea
Rest tea
Rest tea
Rest tea
Rest tea
Rest tea

“My family's only tea for our best night sleep" Sarah. 

A cup of rest, relaxation wellness tea

Blissful, soothing botanicals to complete your restful self care routine. Our Rest Brew’s unique blend of 8 botanical herbs & antioxidants, including Cacao nibs, Ginger, Lemongrass, Chamomile, Lavender, Citrus peel, Barley grass and Moringa, lets you switch off, gain peace of mind & relax.

Enjoy the healing power of plants to complement your vitamins or drink alone.

  • Herbal bliss to calm your senses & get ready for a nightly recharge.
  • Soothing effects of botanicals to help you sleep with a warm cup of wellness tea.
  • Smart biodegradable, plastic free, vegan Corn Starch pyramids decompose in 45 days. 100% recyclable pouches.
  • No dusty tea, just 100% pure botanicals. Caffeine free.
  • 15 Pyramids. Each serves 2 cups when topped up. Total of 30 servings.
  • Drink hot or cold.
  • Vitamin Angels UK provides 5 women or children with life changing nutrients with each purchase.
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JetFuel, the new brew to 
wind down and relax

Most of us are on the go. And by the time we hit our ‘wind down’ time we feel anything but relaxed, which can cause unhealthy habits to creep in. It’s why we developed REST tea, a botanical infusion of herbal bliss to let your senses feel calmer and feel ready for a night’s recharge as you enjoy german Chamomile and Lavender flowers. Enjoy the soothing effect of botanicals that help you sleep in a warm cup of wellness tea.

Rest tea is
for you if…

  • You can’t wind down at the end of the day and you’re still thinking of work,
  • You love a cup of tea before bed but it doesn’t make you feel relaxed,
  • You sometimes need a moment of calm during the day to just ‘be’,
  • You know you need to relax but it doesn’t come naturally.

Support your body’s wind down time with our Rest tea brew of botanical herbs and antioxidants.

Tea to help support precious relax and wind down time

Because supporting and prioritising your body’s rest is the key to recharging.

Cacao nibs Made from crushed cocoa beans. Considered rich in antioxidants that can help reduce oxidative stress.

Ginger root Belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, containing Gingerol its main bioactive compound. Can help aid digestion and support feelings of nausea.

Lemon grass (also called Citronella) Is a herb that can help make a nutritious tea. Study results suggest that lemongrass has a wide range of health benefits.

Chamomile flowers Daisy-like flowers of the Asteraceae plant family, loaded with antioxidants. Its soothing effect on sleep makes it ideal for bedtime.

Lavender flower, Mostly used in aromatherapy, it’s been used for centuries to help support difficulties with sleep.

Citrus peel Very high in antioxidants - higher than the fruit in fact (per ounce).

Barley grass Good source of fibre, polyphenols, flavonoids, and vitamins A, C, and K. Gluten free.

Moringa leaves Can help support the body with consistent levels of vitamin B6, vitamin C, riboflavin and iron - all help contribute to good health.

Dear cheap, sawdusty tea bags, it’s over.

That’s right, we’re through.

You’re not meant to know this, but the reason why simple, dust cheap tea tastes so dull is because it’s chopped, which increases its surface area and yield, reducing its flavour.


Big flavour? Our loose leaf teas are like fine wine

Dusty tea equals poor flavour with none of the flavour nuances, complexity and depth of flavour found in loose leaf teas. Like fine wine, loose leaf teas have a much larger surface area, releasing significantly more flavour and aroma without introducing any bitterness.

Our tea pyramids are zero taint meaning they have zero impact on the taste and flavour and therefore replicate steeping in a teapot. Whereas paper tea bags degrade in a cup, which is often mistaken for scum from the water, but really it’s a paper layer of scum.


What resolves into the earth faster than a newspaper?

Plastic free pyramids, that’s what. Did you know paper tea bags contain plastic? However, our corn pyramids are 100% plastic free and can be easily recycled in your food bin at home. 100% biodegradable pyramids decompose into carbon dioxide and water….faster than a newspaper.


8 botanicals, 1 plant-based corn biodegradable pyramid

Botanical tea infusion manufacturing

We only use high performance, quality ingredients.


How our tea is manufactured

1. We work directly with growers

To provide better quality than our competitors, by securing the best crops and creating a relationship with the grower. Grading, Plucking, Selecting and Processing all make premium vs cheap tea.

2. We blend

Composition can be the difference between success and failure for taste, balance, flavour depth and complexity. The blend allows us to layer the flavour in the cup ensuring the highest quality experience.

3. We manufacturer

Our infusions are made in Britain with passion for excellence and the high and exacting standard. Investing in the latest technology allows us to provide a constantly high quality product.

4. You infuse

All this means, you get a nicer infusion experience. Let those loose leaf teas do its thing in their plastic-free pyramid. What’s more, unlike those dusty tea bags, ours are 100% compostable. Yep, throw us out with your veggie peels too. In 45 days they’ll be back in the earth!

Our plant-based corn biodegradable tea pyramids

100% vegan, plant-based biodegradable pyramid bags are made from corn starch and are 100% plastic free and biodegrades within 45 days, faster than a newspaper.

Unlike most tea bags made from slippery-feeling, oil-based nylon, our corn biodegradable pyramids feel kinda ‘scratchy’ since you can feel friction between your fingers. It’s because of the irregular mesh since it’s pure and natural.

The smart biodegradable tea pyramid

The pyramid shape allows JetFuel teas more surface area to infuse, replicating the tradition of steeping tea in a teapot

The transparent pyramid displays clearly the premium tea leaves and colourful herbal infusions available in the JetFuel range.

The biodegradable pyramid allows full extraction of the tea leaves without compromising natural flavours which are inhibited by a traditional paper bag.

The use of corn starch material eliminates the smell associated with paper tea bags, ensuring zero taint and delivering the full taste of the tea.

No staples
The elimination of metal staples prevents the oxidation from the staple, detracting from the tea’s taste and is more ecological.

100% Biodegradable. Decomposes into carbon dioxide & water. Resolves into the Earth faster than a newspaper

Why whole leaf tea?


  • Taste is far superior to conventional dust tea bags
  • Whole leaf tea allows the unique and special flavours of each ingredient to be appreciated
  • Full leaf tea has a smooth and full bodied flavour
  • Full leaf tea is not as widely available as cut tea, increasing it’s value
  • Full leaf tea is more attractive

JetFuel - smart, biodegradable pyramid, no
nasties, just total body fuel

Fuelling your body for the week ahead needs the very best botanical support.

Unlike your regular dusty teas, JetFuel is a class above, take a look

Why are people so excited? Find out

Why we're different

Who we are and what we believe in

Become an eco-warrior, without the fight. Do good for your health, the planet and your conscience by supporting sustainability.

We're special

We're not mass made.
We're special

Sure, you can buy cheap dusty tea bags all year round, supermarkets are full of them.

But we’re different. Our botanical, plant based, corn biodegradable tea pyramids are special.

Join JetFuel’s complimentary VIP Health Club, to move to the front of the waitlist to get early door drops before the crowd.

Fall in love with this planet
we call home

80% of plastic ends up in landfill which could take 1,000 years to degrade. To us, that’s just not on.

With 10 million tonnes of plastic ending up in the sea every year, we decided, on every level, to do the opposite of all the other tea companies.

We found the UK’s ethical tea manufacturer to partner with (a wonderful family-owned business) and a forward-thinking packaging partner. Both share our vision to ‘Use, Reuse and Recycle’, manufacturing their packaging from whatever has been recovered.

Together, we simplified.

Outrageous health claims?
That’s not our style


Here’s our beef: many consumable brands aren’t compliant. You see, they make outrageous, often illegal claims… Why? They hope you, the consumer, don’t know about or understand the thousands of health claims (it’s a mammoth database).

Sadly, this ‘snake oil’-fuelled industry is wrought with distrust – where poor communication means consumers don’t know what’s what anymore.


To us - that’s not ethical or fair. Trust and transparency are the least you deserve. That’s right, there are many consumable brands and companies flying under the radar, falsely plugging the abilities of their “remedies” hoping they don’t get called out. And since UK and EU teas are regulated as “foods,” we do everything to be totally transparent with our claims.

So while there are a lot of fake consumable brands online (y’know, all talk, no trousers), we make it clear only to reference approved and on-hold European EFSA health claims and GB nutrition and health claims (NHC).


Now, while we’re not legally required, we invest heavily in compliance and regulation checks. It can take several weeks AND prevents using sexier language to sell products. But, this ensures our packaging and health claims are legal and don’t infer our products can do something they can’t.

To sum up. We’re completely honest and want you to know that - it’s why we set out to be different from other consumable brands. And the investment to make JetFuel botanical infusion teas 100% compliant to give you peace of mind and keep you safe, is worth every penny.

JetFuel change

With every purchase of JetFuel, Vitamin Angels UK provides 5 women or children with life-changing nutrients in the UK and around the world.

We believe in the power of vitamins.

Why are people so excited? Find out

That’s a lot to take in. Got questions?

Check out our FAQs

How does JetFuel work?

JetFuel is a collection of 5 individual filler free vitamins and 3 botanical teas. Together they help balance 5 core health functions; immunity, focus and concentration, sleep, anxiety and stress and beauty.

When should I take JetFuel?

Because our capsules absorb within 30 minutes, you can take JetFuel vitamins daily at the time of day you need support.

Take ‘Get in the Zone’ when you need to focus and concentrate and ‘Sleep Time’ just before bedtime or when you need sleep. Take ‘Chill Out’ when you need to relax and wind down. ‘Beauty Glow’ and ‘Immune Support’ can be taken any time of day, but try to stick to a morning routine to build a habit.

Our botanical teas can be drunk anytime throughout the day when you need support and comfort.

We prefer drinking Health first thing in the morning. Performance is perfect for when you need to focus and concentrate. Rest is for when you need to relax and wind down.

How should I take JetFuel

The whole range has been formulated to complement each other so you can take all of them on a daily basis.

Take 1 JetFuel vitamin capsule daily with food.

Can JetFuel be taken with prescription medication(s)?

If you’re taking any other medication or are diabetic, please consult your doctor before using JetFuel just to be sure, we don’t want you to have any issues.

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