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Zinc's role in the immune system

Author Shona Wilkinson

Zinc is an essential nutrient required for over 200 enzymatic process within the body. The body doesn't produce or store Zinc which means it must be obtained from our diet or supplementation. Of all the trace minerals, this element is second only to Iron in its concentration in the body. Zinc is found throughout our body, in our cells, tissues, and organs; but most of the Zinc in the average adult body is contained in our muscles and bones.

Food Sources of Zinc

Zinc is generally found in protein sources such as red meat, poultry (darker meat areas), eggs and seafood. Vegetarians can obtain Zinc from eggs, cheese, beans, pumpkin seeds, grains and nuts, although Zinc is not as easily absorbed through non-animal sources.

What does Zinc do and why is it so important?

Zinc plays many vital roles in our body. The key functions are:

Our Immune system - Zinc contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Our bodies need Zinc to T cells, (lymphocytes that regulate our immune system and attack infected or cancerous cells).

Our Hair, skin and nails - Zinc also contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails.

Our Vision and cognitive function - Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal vision and normal cognitive function.

Our Cell division and cell protection - Zinc has a role in the process of cell division and contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

How much Zinc do I need?

The NRV (Nutrient Reference Value) for Zinc is 10mg. (The NRV is a straight replacement of the RDA Recommended Daily Allowance). 

We only ever use the best absorbed forms of Zinc in our blends. We only use the best forms of Zinc for the health condition area we are benefitting. Zinc Picolinate is used in our Health formulation whilst Zinc Bisglycinate is included in Rest. The different forms of Zinc work in slightly different ways. Whilst the difference is minimal, the finest details are important to ensure you experience the best possible products.