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By caring for yourself, you’re caring for others.

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Here at JetFuel, we’re unwaveringly committed to our belief that everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy and happy life. 

But having worthy principles is one thing; doing something about it is another. So, to help make a real difference in the world, we’ve proudly partnered with the amazing Vitamin Angels who are committed to bringing the gift of nutrition to the most vulnerable, underserved among us, at-risk pregnant women and children throughout the UK and around the world. 

And today, we want to tell you Vitamin Angel’s story, so every time you take one of our supplements or drink one of our teas, you know that you’re making a real difference, not only to your own health but to the health of some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

Why we love Vitamin Angels

Incredibly, malnutrition is the leading cause of death in under 5’s globally. But to help change this, Vitamin Angels put life-saving vitamins and minerals into the hands of millions of malnourished women and children worldwide. 

They believe every child deserves an opportunity to lead a healthy and happy life. In low-income and developing countries, it is often women who are the most at-risk of malnutrition. Vitamin Angels provide these women with prenatal supplements to help support a healthy pregnancy and positive birth outcomes, which are crucial to the mother and the child’s health and well-being. 

Improving nutrition in this way, right from the very start, can break the cycle of poverty and poor health that can prevent families and communities from living well for generations. Healthy mothers are more likely to have healthy babies. Children who grow up stronger do better at school and in life. And when those things start happening, millions of people’s lives start to change. 

By contributing to Vitamin Angels from every purchase you make, we’re able to help them distribute life-changing nutrition to at-risk pregnant women and children throughout the UK and around the world.  

And that feels good!

Uncomfortably close to home 

Shockingly, it’s estimated one in four children in the UK is at risk of food insecurity. But across the UK, Vitamin Angels is working to provide nurseries in low-income communities with fresh fruit, vegetables and high protein foods for children to eat as healthy snacks and meals. 

Meet Emma

Like all Mums, Emma wants the best for her little boy Fletcher, but she’s struggled with finding ways to give him the balanced diet he needs.

“I just want him to be happy, healthy, achieve what he wants in life, go as far as he can go, and be the best person he can be,” 

Vitamin Angels UK help Mums like Emma by providing supplementary feeding programmes which provide children with delicious, nutrient-rich foods so they can grow up healthy.  

And that makes us so incredibly proud to be a Vitamin Angels UK partner.

The importance of vitamin A

We rely on vitamin A for a whole host of functions that help keep us healthy. But, we don’t produce this vital nutrient naturally, so we need to get it through our diet. 

Sadly, for millions suffering from malnutrition, Vitamin A deficiency can cause a number of severely life-limiting conditions.

So, what does Vitamin A do?

Vitamin A is critical for several functions:

  • It supports your body’s immune system.
  • It keeps your eyes healthy and supports your vision, especially in dim light.
  • And it plays a crucial role in supporting healthy growth in children.

And what happens if you don’t get enough Vitamin A?

As a result of malnutrition, millions of children in at-risk communities around the world are suffering from vitamin A deficiency, with catastrophic implications for their health. 

  • Children with Vitamin A deficiency suffer from weakened immune systems and could become more susceptible to harmful, infectious diseases like measles.
  • Children who are Vitamin A deficient tend to be shorter due to impacted growth.
  • Children who suffer from Vitamin A deficiency may have compromised vision or go completely blind.

Turning things around.

Because we rely on our food for Vitamin A, it can be difficult for families in developing countries struggling with food insecurity to meet this basic need since they're unable to buy or grow nutrient-dense Vitamin A-rich foods. 

But, with Vitamin Angel’s help, they’re finding ways to turn this around.

Thank you!

We hope you’ve found the story of Vitamin Angel’s work inspiring. Here at JetFuel, we are so proud of our partnership and the way they enable us to stand by our steadfast commitment to making the world a healthier place, for everyone. 

And we’d like to take a moment to thank you because we wouldn’t be able to do this without your support. Every time you make a purchase, we donate to Vitamin Angels, so they can carry on improving the lives of mothers and children around the world. 

So again, thank you, and we hope you love our range of supplements and teas even more now you know what a real difference you’re making in the world, before you’ve even had breakfast!