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Discover how Papillon, our founder, has so much energy!!

3 min read

We love the last time we popped up in your inbox, you gave us a chance to tell you about our values and how we’re pretty much on a mission to change the world. But you may be wondering where we get these audacious ideas?

Well, to answer that question, you’ve got to meet our founder, Papillon Luck, a true force of nature who is out to change the vibe of the entire supplement industry, so you can live and feel your best from the inside out.

Please meet our illustrious leader, Papillon Luck!

Following her passion

JetFuel’s founder, Papillon Luck, spent 15 years working in London’s start-up hedge fund world and investment banking before trading it all in to follow her lifelong entrepreneurial passion for start-up life, with all the incredible highs and depressing lows it brings. 

Never someone to do anything by halves, Papillon is completely irrepressible, resolutely positive and super high energy. She is renowned for throwing every ounce of energy, enthusiasm and determination into whatever she does. 

Committing to self-care

In 2016, after having already founded and sold two startups, including one in wellness, Papillon moved on to launching her third. But startup founder fatigue had started to appear. 

With many so business and life goals to achieve in what feels like only a short time, it’s almost impossible to get a type A personality like Papillon to slow down, let alone keep up with them. 

A challenge for all entrepreneurs, even wellness entrepreneurs, is how to take time to care for your own health; when your ideas excite you so much, you could continue to work endlessly without it seeming like work. Burnout is almost inevitable when you consider the enormous amount of work, energy, effort, determination and time it takes to get any good idea off the ground and to market. 

With burnout starting to take its toll, despite her love of ‘work’, Papillon chose to focus on her physical and emotional health and took time to recover on a deeper level. “Burnout” is increasingly common given the fast-paced demands of modern-day life, with the average age of people suffering its debilitating effects being just 32.  

Refuelled and inspired

Refuelled, and never one to shy away from a challenge, this life-changing experience inspired Papillon to launch a game-changing supplement brand that takes a holistic 360-degree approach to health and mental wellbeing, based on her deeply personal understanding that the two are inexorably intertwined. 

Partnering with the UK’s top nutritionists and scientists, Papillon developed an innovative line of filler-free supplements to support the taxing, high-pressure jobs and lifestyles we all experience in our modern age. 

Like all founders, Papillon has been through a tumultuous journey to commercialise her idea; a journey made even more challenging by COVID. JetFuel was previously a luxury jet lag brand, but when the travel industry disappeared overnight, Papillon was forced to pivot, re-brand and re-launch the new range of supplements in less than 6 months. Something she now says was her biggest challenge to date, yet singularly the best thing to have ever happened to her as a founder, the brand itself and the family her team are growing. 

“Our new brand and concept are a world apart from our travel days. We’ve been on such a journey, I’m planning on writing a book about it. We had to rip apart everything we’d just launched to start again, which meant questioning everything. It’s been a humbling experience”.  

Committing to conscious consumers

JetFuel is a brand based on transparency, with honest ethics, delivered with intention. A brand stepping up to the demands of the new decade creating products for individuals looking for more. Designed to quench our thirst for a kinder, conscious and healthier way of life with simple, ethical swaps. 

For Papillon this started at the production line, partnering with the UK’s only solar power operated filler-free manufacturer and opting for 100% biodegradable packaging made from alternative materials such as corn and sugar. 

Believing that nutrition and wellbeing should be inclusive and available to all, regardless of income,  Papillon has pledged that underserved women and children in the UK will be provided with vital vitamins via Vitamin Angels from every sale made.