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10 top tips for building (and sticking to) your healthy new routines.

5 min read

You’ll know, especially if you’re taking part in our 30-Day Healthy Habits Challenge, that it’s our mission to do EVERYTHING we can to help you live a happy, healthy life. 

One of the main reasons people don’t see results when they decide to build a new healthy habit is that they find it difficult to incorporate them into their daily life so they give up after a couple of weeks. 

They find it too difficult to build the changes they need to make to their daily lives to get consistent progress, so they give up after a couple of weeks. 

It’s certainly not through a lack of motivation. Building a routine as an adult is just incredibly hard. 

But we’re not going to let that happen now you’re part of Team JetFuel! 

We’ve compiled 10 of our very best tips to help you build, and most importantly, stick to those healthy new habits.

Remind yourself why. 

Get really clear on why you want to build new habits. If they’re something you feel you “should” be doing, it’s unlikely you’re going to stick with it. Make sure you’re really clear on what’s motivating you to change. Popping your “Big Why” on a post-it note and sticking it to your bathroom mirror or laptop will remind you why you started and help you stick with it when you feel like quitting. 

Imagine the future.

Seeing the difference your new habits will make in life is super powerful in giving you the motivation to keep going and stick with them. Take a moment to imagine yourself in 30 days. What can you see? How do you feel? What’s happening around you now you’re living your new healthy life? Create a compelling mental image of what the future will be like, and go back to it every day to remind yourself to keep going. 

Remember your subconscious mind can’t differentiate between what’s real and a goal yet to be achieved. It’s why you must imagine your goals achieved to let your mind begin to find ways to make them happen. Imagining your dreams as though you’re living them is like giving your subconscious mind a sat nav. 

Identify your triggers.

What’s likely to knock you off track? If you’re committing to a healthy eating habit, what could get in the way of your success? Do you eat unhealthy foods when you’re tired, or bored, or stressed? Or, if you’ve decided to start a healthy new vitamin routine, what’s stopped you in the past? Was it a lack of time to remember to take them?  Whatever comes up for you, just getting clear on your triggers will help you see them for what they are, excuses, and they won’t stop you in your tracks again. 

Create a supportive environment.

You need to make it easy for yourself to build healthy habits, so create an environment at home that supports your new lifestyle. You don’t want to be scrabbling around in the back of kitchen cupboards for your fabulous new supplements 30 seconds before you leave for work. Instead, why not put them next to your toothbrush, so you can take them as part of the morning routine you’ve already established? 

Start small.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks we’ve seen when building healthy new habits is when people decide to overhaul their entire lives in one go! We’re all up for big challenges but we suggest you pick one thing to change first and, once you’ve got that cracked, start on the next thing. Doing everything at once is overwhelming. Instead, it’s your small steps and your tiny daily accomplishments that, taken together, form the building blocks of healthy new habits that stick.

Be consistent.

All the things we’ve shared so far will help you take consistent action; that’s all habits are! Simple steps, repeated daily, will give you some pretty impressive results. You’ve just got to keep going. Before you know it, you won’t even need to think about it. Taking these little daily steps will become second nature. 

Don’t make it all or nothing.

When we decide to turn over a new leaf, there’s a tendency to get a bit “all or nothing” about things. If we decide we’re going to eat healthily, we can start thinking we’ll never be able to eat our favourite ice-cream ever again. And if we’re creating healthy exercise habits, we’ll never be able to chill on the sofa watching Netflix again. But by seeing things as black or white, all or nothing, it’s more likely that we’ll crave what we “can’t” have and ruin all the good work we’ve done. So, don’t take things to extremes if you want your healthy new habits to stick. Remember, small, gentle steps add up.The 80/20 rule is far more likely to keep you happy and on track. 

Keep a record; track your progress.

We all love a good tracker. Look at how many healthy apps we have on our phones. Not to mention our very own motivational challenge chart with all those super fun stickers! Keep track of how you’re feeling in your body and your mind as your healthy new habit takes hold. Seeing the real difference your new habit is making in your life is a huge part of the motivation that will keep you on track. Also try using a journal to cross off everyday you meditate for example. After you’ve consistently ticked off 7 days, you’ll be more likely to continue for not wanting to break your pattern. It’s way easier to give up when you don’t track your progress. So start tracking everything and you’ll not want to waiver. 

Be kind.

Make sure you reward yourself for reaching your goals and sticking to your healthy new habit. Think hard though about how you treat yourself. What’s in alignment with your goal? A massage? A day off? Some time to read a book - all on your own? You don’t want to go and undo all your hard work, but make it something you’ll love. And don’t forget to celebrate the milestones along the way; it’s not just about the end goal.

Be patient.

We believe 100% in you. We have absolute faith that you’ll be able to build and stick to your fabulous new healthy habits, but please, take your time. The only thing more damaging to a healthy new habit than trying to do it all at once is trying to do it in record time. It’s not a race; making lasting changes that will set you up for the rest of your life takes time, so be patient and set yourself some realistic timeframes for seeing results. 

Make it easy on yourself.

Change isn’t always easy. Despite all our best intentions, turning up and committing to taking action can be a real challenge. But you’re here, and you’ve read this far, so that shows us you’re going to be amazing at building and sticking to your new healthy habits!

Just choose two or three of these tips to help you on your way, and you’ll be hopping, skipping or jumping your way through life in no time.